Everything Lilly knows about the other world.

Welcome to my humble website called Everything Lilly knows about the other world.
This place is like its title suggest it : a sort of knowledge bank about the other world, also named "wizard world" by my friend Tryphosa, even though I don't like that term. Unlike my friend I will be more rigorous and exact about the terminology used in the other world.

Knowledge about...

People/Society · Culture · History · Relationship with mortals

Why this website ?

I've created this website in protest of our shitty governement, that has became over the years an oligarchy fueled by the fear of exposing "magic" to the human world. I still firmly believe that the human world is not ready to know about "magic" yet, but I also believe that it is unfair for wizards to get their powers stripped for choosing to live in the human world thus I will violate the law.

« When they took away my powers I felt like I had lost all the blood in my veins, I felt weak for weeks, but other than the loss of my powers, I also felt let down by my own community. » — Jaylynn Nessa